InComeRelief's blog InComeRelief's blog en-us Sat, 27 Nov 2021 15:52:54 PST Sat, 27 Nov 2021 15:52:54 PST About me   I'm 51 years old now; I've got a lot of experience. A jack of all trades but not an astronaut. I have little education but wise to what needs to be done. I have a 17 year old son and can't afford to make any mistakes. About two years ago I was working for a Temp agency to get away from it all. Imagine That? Any way... I was working right next people with P h d ,  BA's and no education folks and both were miserable in a Call Center . Making a smashing .00 per hour. The most Depressing and exploiting job a person could ever work for. I won't name the company. It doesn't matter because I think they may be all the same. Regardless of the reasons that people may see themselves in a situation where they are forced to work for clowns like this only means that we are just trying to survive. Fit In. Net work or simply be a part of something. What does it mean being apart of something. Truly?.... Let's think about that? Wealth? Power? Respect? Family? Health? Self Respect? Happiness? Love? Just want to go to a movie without worrying about how expensive the damn popcorn or candy is? Or maybe treat the one you love to the best restaurant in town at least once a month. Well... For a while,I was looking for a company on the internet that offers an opportunity to build a business with out charging a fee. I remember . Talking to some of these people. Offering this great income OPPORTUNITY and Wow for just 79.95 or 39.95 per month. You can get this wonderful PAY!!! of 0- 0.00 per day. Who wouldn't jump on that. But Really!! You want my credit card info so you can charge me these reoccurring fees. My usual response was...If their opportunity is so good. It was either bill me after i get started " in other words Put it on the expense account but let's get busy " They actually laughed???? I believe in word of mouth and the opportunity to build a foundation of people. Now a days.. You have to have courage to pursue everything; Even meat at the grocery store. A drink of water from a public function. It better be bottled. I will challenge any one to prove me wrong. If you have the time.I have the tools to get you going.       2014-05-16 10:56:42